Become a Guru!

What's Driving our Critical Path?


If Earned Value is so great, then why doesn't everyone do it-- and do it well?

That question has puzzled us and our mission is to help answer that question for our government and industry clients.

If Earned Value is so great for large, complex programs, then why doesn't it work for every project from building a deck to designing a new aircraft?

That's another question that keeps us tinkering with Earned Value tools with the goal to make Earned Value a household word--Yes, a household word.

Beyond the above, we have a more conventional mission:

AzTech International strives to provide the finest project management products and consulting services to our global clients. To achieve this, AzTech works with highly skilled professionals who continually work to maintain expertise in their fields. At AzTech, we treat all clients, associates, and staff with the respect they deserve. We also conduct all business matters with professionalism and integrity. Though we recognize individual contributors, we reward and value teamwork first, since it is crucial to our success. In essence, our goals are to:

  • Provide quality products and service for our clients
  • Promote Project Management, Earned Value Management, and Scheduling as the essential tools they are
  • Create a rewarding work environment for our people
  • Do great work, be kind, and have fun doing all of the above