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Schedule Risk Assessments (SRAs) GURU

Why? Because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. An Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is a model. In the fashion world, a model can be beautiful or handsome, subject to interpretation and changing fads. A schedule, however, is only beautiful if it provides a meaningful critical path and useful roadmap used by management to execute the program. A schedule model should depict the program work from beginning to end, including all the twists and turns that complex programs can take. Of course, it's not possible to know what course a program will take, given the many variables that can impact the schedule; all programs contain some measure of risk and uncertainty. An SRA provides a means to quantify the risks in a program, and determine the potential impact of those tasks that may not go according to plan. 

Inquire. Contact AzTech today! Let us help you conduct an SRA, prepare for an SRA, or to assess your IMS to assure it is ready for an SRA, or to help you implement corrective actions that will make your schedule a valid and effective management tool.

Schedule Risk Assessments (SRAs)