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Program Oversight Schedules

A Program Management Office (PMO) uses a program oversight schedule to manage the separate, but related portions of the entire program represented by suppliers’ and government schedules of varying completeness and / or diverse formats. It is imperative that the PMO represent all contracted and in-house work efforts in one project management software tool to exhibit the entire scope, capture the interrelationships reflecting impacts to related efforts and program goals as conditions change, and manage the overall program. This overarching schedule provides this visibility and establishes the foundational tool for management decision-making during program execution.

Creating a PMO oversight schedule involves developing an approach, architecture, and process utilizing all schedule components and efforts to depict the total program scope. The PMO must select a single project management software package, develop the architecture and process to pull-in developed IMSs, convert other contracted and in-house efforts into the common electronic format, and establish interface relationships. The process must address the methods for maintaining the program oversight schedule and ensuring common status dates are observed by the separate schedules to be an effective tool.

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