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IPMR2, What Is It?!

PARCA has spent the last year devising a new format for IPMR data called IPMR2. While the content of the data will remain the same, the new format represents a change in the underlying structure for transmitting the cost and schedule performance data to DOD.

The purpose for this move is four-fold:

  • Reduce duplication of data in the IPMR Formats

  • Update data transfer mechanism (i.e., XML to JSON)

  • Improve cost and schedule integration

  • Support DCMA needs as part of automated surveillance activities

Finalization of the format and release of the DID are expected in Jan/Feb 2018. Implementation on new contracts will begin in March 2018. For more information click here.

Bottom Line Up Front!

  • IPMR2 is a new DOD contractor reporting format superseding the current IPMR format

  • JSON to XML - The new format is a move to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) from XML (Extended Markup Language)

  • A lightweight data-interchange format, JSON is ubiquitous in web technologies

  • One major advantage of JSON is that it can be compressed to a higher degree than XML

  • Data Validation Tool: PARCA will provide this in addition to accepting sample data sets to validate

  • Sample files and tools are available here

  • Contact AzTech for help with the switch to IPMR2


  • NDIA has posted a notional timeline updated at February 2018 Quarterly IPMD Meeting. See below:


XML (Extended Markup Language) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) are two formats for serving data, typically from a web server. Both formats are hierarchical, human-readable, and highly versatile.

A variety of differences exist between XML & JSON, but concision (when considering standard forms of the data types) and the popularity of JavaScript have led development teams to opt for the latter.

The example below shows two ways of defining the same object. Note that when defining objects, JSON requires far less than standard XML:

JSON vs XML.jpg

Other technical differences exist between the data types that are not covered here. Differences such as compression rates, JSON’s limitations regarding datatypes, and JSON’s lack of native object reference (XML by definition includes native object IDs). For an in-depth, technical discussion, see the answers to the pros & cons of XML vs JSON here.

AzTech is Prepared.

Are you prepared for the IPMR2? We will be and we’ve got your back.

AzTech is already in the process of preparing for the IPMR2’s release, taking steps to integrate the format into the AzTech Compliance Expert (ACE).

Concerns about the IPMR2? AzTech's here to help.


AzTech is involved as a key vendor working with PARCA to develop and test the schema since the beginning of 2017. Having worked diligently to incorporate formats into ACE, we are well-versed in the format’s nuances and would be happy to help you with all your IPMR2 needs. Reach out today!

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