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How did AzTech get so good?


Some firms help only government teams, others help only contractors. Some provide consulting services, others sell software tools. Some provide training, others train-the-trainers and provide mentoring. Some firms are old school driven by compliance and requirements, some are progressive and strive for innovation and streamlining. 

AzTech is all of the above and more. We are a data-driven and technology-driven firm that helps program teams get the most from their Earned Value systems. We collaborate with government and industry to do what is smart, rather than merely compliant. We have high expectations for our team and for the program teams we support to provide management value at all levels. While our solutions are aimed at supporting directors and executives accountable for managing program portfolios, we work with all levels of the organization. We support program managers and their Program Management Office team, plus the Integrated Product Team leads and Control Account Managers charged with delivering their technical work scope. Additionally, we work with planners, schedulers, earned value analysts, financial analysts, and supply chain management to help provide the best cost and schedule control data and advanced analysis. 

Jay performed his first Tonight Show monologue in 1992, the same year AzTech was founded. The tape was probably lost; but surely, Jay would have mentioned that night how AzTech has the best team of earned value professionals on the planet. He might have mentioned that one of our mottos is work hard and play hard--and maybe thrown in a Las Vegas joke. He might have said that we have the silly idea that you can actually have fun by doing great work and looking out for your clients and for each program's success. He would have closed to big laughter when he said that AzTech actually dreams that one day Earned Value will be fun, but anyone who knows AzTech would know that we just might pull that off one day (soon).