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We are AzTech:

"I’m fortunate to have had some big business accomplishments in my career. Those go anywhere from implementing earned value management systems, for example getting a certified earned value management system for the first time in the UK, to supporting the largest SAP implementation that we did with the Navy.

On a more personal note, working at AzTech, it's about our team. We're a boutique consulting firm with a niche in earned value management and scheduling. We have a team of great people and I think just working with our team and seeing them become experts in their field is really rewarding."

 – Luis Contreras, President & Principal Consultant, AzTech, California


Oftentimes in my work there are challenges that need finesse in addressing. Sometimes giving yourself space helps you to solve the problem. Being out in nature really does that for me. 

One thing I have started to utilize for problem solving is my morning run. My plan is to allow myself the first half of the run to think about whatever comes to mind and allow myself to play, get warmed up, enjoy being outside, and get ready for the day. Then, when I turn around or get to the halfway point, I think about a problem and work through the process of thinking it through. Looking at the ground, watching my feet, making sure I am in safe steps, but focusing on the problem. It has been a strong way for me to start my work day. 

- Amber Young, Consultant & Operations, AzTech, California

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"When I was younger, I was big into tinkering. When we first got our Compaq with 256 MB of RAM, it was a big deal. I was fascinated. I liked to play with all of the settings. I'm pretty sure my father at some point implemented some sort of parental lock... and I remember trying to get around them. Sometimes I had more success than others.
At AzTech I am one of the software developers on the team. As a software developer it's very useful to be a tinkerer... there's constantly new software, new frameworks that do one particular thing really well, and it's good to stay afoot of that. Especially when you're analyzing data, efficiency is big. There's always different ways of looking at data and trying to process it or massage it. My natural curiosity with software and computers caters well to my work at AzTech."

 – Elias Cooper, Software Developer & Consultant, AzTech, Ottawa, Canada

"At AzTech, we are a team building solutions for clients. The commonality that we share at AzTech is we work hard and we play hard. We love what we do.

Our goal is to help each client succeed and make their life much easier. We build products for our clients and each client is a project that we design, plan, build, and then deliver."

 – Blaine Schwartz, Principal Consultant, AzTech, Texas, US

"I was born in Mexico City. At one point it was the largest city in the world, as far as population. At one point it was also the most polluted. It is a nice walk-able city, very compact, very densely populated. It is really fast paced - a 24-hour city. I like it. I enjoy being in the city.

At the time when I grew up there, Mexico City was very traditional and there was high emphasis on hierarchy. That helped me see things from a different perspective, especially by studying abroad. I thought it was archaic to manage with a focus on hierarchy. The focus should always be whoever is the most capable person, regardless of seniority or hierarchy. In any individual endeavor I think the best person for the job should be in charge. I have always questioned the usability of the old structures of hierarchy."

 – Oscar Banda, CFO, AzTech, California, US

"AzTech has exposed me to a side of myself that I didn't know about before, a more analytical side. That has been a good growth opportunity for me. 

I am a project management consultant and my speciality is earned value management which is a performance management system. Our goal here, and my goal as well, is to use project management processes to assist our clients. Whether they be preparing for earned management compliance audits or just trying to make sure their system is reporting accurate information. For the government customer we assess project management process and system in terms of compliance."

 – Lee Glover, Principal Consultant, AzTech, Ohio, US

“I am from Rocky River, Ohio - a suburb on the west side of Cleveland right up along Lake Erie. I really feel like Cleveland and Northern Ohio, in general, being up along the lake and the whole atmosphere, is a bit of a hidden gem. There's a booming arts and theater district, the largest between New York and Chicago. Tons of museums and rich cultural pockets in and around the city. I view Cleveland as a win-win; between a big city with big city resources, while also affording the accessibility of a middle-sized city and a reasonable cost of living. 

Clevelanders don't really have the big city mentality, but we're definitely not a small city either. We enjoy the sweet spot between being large enough to have major sports franchises, restaurants, arts, culture, and agility without the frustrations and inconveniences of much larger cities like Chicago or New York

I view AzTech in the same way within our industry. We're still small enough that we can do really cool things, we're nimble. At the same time we're big enough and diverse enough that we bring rigidity and consistency."

 – Tim Fritz, Business Development Director, AzTech, Ohio, US


"I work in various sectors of project management, including schedule analysis and Earned Value Management. I've worked for both the government and contractors, enjoying the people I’ve met and interacted with along the way.  In the beginning, I had no idea how intricate real project management could be and what it could provide insight into. I now have first-hand experience of the benefits good project management affords and enjoy helping clients achieve its full value."

- Joy Sichveland, Project Management Consultant, AzTech, South Carolina, US