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Faces of AzTech


In the following weeks we will be sharing stories from our team. 
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We are AzTech:

“I am from Rocky River, Ohio - a suburb on the west side of Cleveland right up along Lake Erie. I really feel like Cleveland and Northern Ohio, in general, being up along the lake and the whole atmosphere, is a bit of a hidden gem. There's a booming arts and theater district, the largest between New York and Chicago. Tons of museums and rich cultural pockets in and around the city. I view Cleveland as a win-win; between a big city with big city resources, while also affording the accessibility of a middle-sized city and a reasonable cost of living.

Clevelanders don't really have the big city mentality, but we're definitely not a small city either. We enjoy the sweet spot between being large enough to have major sports franchises, restaurants, arts, culture, and agility without the frustrations and inconveniences of much larger cities like Chicago or New York

I view AzTech in the same way within our industry. We're still small enough that we can do really cool things, we're nimble. At the same time we're big enough and diverse enough that we bring rigidity and consistency.

– Tim Fritz, Business Development Director, AzTech, Ohio, US

"I discovered in my younger life that there were lots of things that I could do. I made money early in life. I started my first business when I was a Junior in high school. I raked people's leaves in the fall and I shoveled their snow in the winter and I cut their grass in the summertime. It was all very organized. I knew that there were four seasons that required four different things and I could make money off of each of the four seasons. So, I turned that into a money-making project.  But, in order to do all that I had to organize my life. I gained from it a big perspective of how business works."

– Craig Chapman, Bookkeeper, AzTech, California, US

"I work in various sectors of project management, including schedule analysis and Earned Value Management. I've worked for both the government and contractors, enjoying the people I’ve met and interacted with along the way.  In the beginning, I had no idea how intricate real project management could be and what it could provide insight into. I now have first-hand experience of the benefits good project management affords and enjoy helping clients achieve its full value."

- Joy Sichveland, Project Management Consultant, AzTech, South Carolina, US