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EIA-748 EVMS Guidelines

The 32 Guidelines provide the framework for any successful Earned Value Management system. They are general enough to be applied to any supplier, breaking EVM into five process areas: Organization; Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting; Accounting; Analysis and Management Reports; and Revisions and Data Maintenance. The Guidelines themselves are copyrighted, so we are prevented from being more specific. The latest version of the guidelines is EIA-748-D, may be purchased here.

The US National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) maintains and publishes an 748 Intent Guide that includes a section for each of the 32 Guidelines that describes:
  • Management Value
  • Intent
  • Typical Attributes
  • Objective evidence may be found in these typical outputs

Here is the latest NDIA Earned Value Management Systems EIA-748-D Intent Guide dated 28 August 2018.

UPDATE: New Intent Guide coming out later in 2018!