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AzTech University

AzTech University was developed as a unique approach to Scheduling and Earned Value Management training that utilizes a tiered structure of courses which include reading, demos, hands-on exercises, and concept quizzes. The coursework is structured to integrate key concepts of Scheduling, Earned Value Management, Software Tools, and Consulting Tools from the beginning. This ensures that newcomers gain a full understanding of how each piece fits into the puzzle and empowers them with a foundational knowledge for expecting and adapting to change in this environment.


AzTech University progresses from the most basic concepts in the listed areas to the most advanced. Newcomers and pros alike will find benefit through AzTech University training. AzTech University is currently only available to AzTech employees, however, feel free to contact us if you want to learn more or check out the links in the right pane for more info!