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AzTech Innovation Partners

We recognize that there are quite a few innovative tools on the market. AzTech tools fill many voids for program / project teams aiming to build, assess, maintain, and measure performance within their projects. We are always on the lookout for tools on the market that complement the AzTech Tool Suite to provide our clients with the ultimate solution.

Explore below how we have collaborated with our innovation partners to integrate tool sets and provide a comprehensive solution.

OPDEC delivers a powerful EVMS tool (IPM, Integrated Program Manager) to complement the industry leading schedule (P6, MSP, etc) and cost (Cobra, etc) solutions on the market.

Now, IPM and the AzTech Compliance Expert (ACE) seamlessly integrate!

Utilize IPM for your EVMS needs and to resource load your schedule, then baseline. Run a comprehensive series of integration checks on your data, then during execution, merely export your data in ACE format. Because of IPM, the data coming out of your system and into ACE is very clean!

Once your data is in ACE, utilize our powerful and intuitive UI to identify EV compliance risks down to the Control Account level and work within ACE to pin point root causes to mitigation any issues.

To learn more about IPM, Click here! 

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